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Slackers unworthy of receiving zakat

SHAH ALAM, OCT 24: “For those who are physically healthy but refuse to make an effort in finding a job or more accurately, lazy to work; it is haram to receive help from zakat,” said President of Multaqa Asatizah dan Pendakwah Malaysia (MURSHID) Dr Zaharuddin Abdul Rahman.
He said that the unemployed or low-wage earners are eligible to receive aid through zakat and donations.
“The poor, who do not fall under the slacker category are not only eligible for zakat and donations, they can also receive help and handouts by those who want to cleanse their cash and assets due to previous gambling or debts,” he said.
He said the issue was explained at the time of Prophet Muhammad SAW, when two young men came and the Prophet notice both men have healthy and strong bodies.
“Prophet Muhammad SAW said that if they both were in need of zakat, I shall give. But it will be haram upon those who are capable and strong.
“Meaning, it was a reminder to those providing assistance, not to give to those who are lazy,” he said regarding the country’s issue on poverty.
He said Islam sets out a clear policy on the poor and needy, in which poverty refers to that which is caused by physical weakness or defects.
Zaharuddin said that poor people who are lazy and always hoping for help but are still able to work are dishonorable people in the eyes of the community and Islam.
“Being capable but yet unemployed and merely waiting and expecting help; these are traits which are considered despicable in Islam. People in good health should work unless they are laid off.
“Those who cannot afford to bear high living costs or house and car bills, while looking for employment, deserve to receive zakat and help,” he said.

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