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Dengue: Only 30.6% conduct gotong royong activities

SHAH ALAM, DEC 26: Research conducted by the Health Ministry in 2015 found that only 62.3% of communities are willing to clean their housing areas from stagnant water.
Director General of Health, Datuk Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah said additionally, in each community itself, only 30.6% are willing to carry-out ‘gotong-royong’ activities.
He said Health Ministry findings showed that public awareness on dengue fever is not translated into preventive actions.
Furthermore, he said dengue fever is seasonal, peaking in the early and middle parts of the year.
“It is influenced by types of viruses, vectors, human factor, the environment and weather.
“Dirty places and improper disposal of containers result in many places becoming aedes breeding grounds,” reported Sinchew Daily.

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