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EC finally agrees to investigate electoral boundary delineation

KUALA LUMPUR, DEC 16: The People’s Justice Party (KEADILAN) Communication Director Fahmi Fadzil describes the decision by Election Commission (EC) to investigate the issue of the delineation of electoral boundary for Setiawangsa Parliament, as an early victory for voters in the area.
Fahmi said the EC had at first rejected the appeal to object, on grounds of receiving only 81 objection forms compared to the minimum requirement of at least 100 requests.
“We sent 110 objection forms as was on record. However, the appeal was rejected on grounds of receiving only 81 forms.
“However, the EC in its letter dated November 25, 2016; finally admitted that the 110 forms submitted on October 11 fulfilled the provisions of Section 5 of Part II of the Third Schedule of the Federal Constitution,” Idris said at a press conference in the compound of the Civil High Court Lumpur, here, on December 16.
He said that following the decision, the representative of the 110 voters, Nalina Nair and himself will retract the appeal for judicial review filed on November 18.
He said this success proves that reforms are requirement in the process of  delineation of electoral boundaries, including the announcement of the rationale for the move for voters to understand the need of the EC to change an electoral boundary.
He said the EC also has to announce the people on the topography specialist team and the population spread used in drawing up the recommended proposal.
Besides that, the EC is also encouraged to reform the process of the delineation of electoral boundaries, to allow more voters to be directly involved right from the recommendation level to the objection level and beyond.
“The EC must show political will to reform the process of delineation so that it becomes more transparent, equitable and most importantly, more open to criticism and views of voters and residents of a constituency,” he said.

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