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Manufacturer: Daim and Toblerone chocolate: Ingredients suitable and safe for Muslims

KUALA LUMPUR, DEC 27: Daim and Toblerone chocolate manufacturer, Mondelez International, stressed that all ingredients used to produce the chocolates are suitable and safe for Muslim consumption.
The company in its statement on December 27 said although the products are produced in countries that do not require halal certification, it still meets worldwide consumers’ nutritional standards.
“The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) has also clarified that products that have no halal certification cannot be considered as not halal or ‘haram’,” said the company.
Mondelez International said that all ingredients used for Daim and Toblerone chocolates are stated on the packaging and consumers are advised to refer accordingly.
The company also said that it will continue to cooperate with authorities in all markets, including JAKIM, to ensure its products meet the standard of Malaysian consumer.
Last Friday, JAKIM had confirmed that the two popular chocolate brands do not have the Malaysian Halal Certification or any other foreign halal certification recognised by the department.

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