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Old procedure causes delay in wakaf land transfer to MAIS

SHAH ALAM, DEC 29: The old procedure in transferring wakaf lands from joint ownership to the property of the Selangor Islamic Religious Council (MAIS), is the reason for delays in registration under MAIS.
Perbadanan Wakaf Selangor (PWS) Chief Executive Officer Abu Bakar Yang said the procedure is one of the reasons PWS was reproved in the 2014 Auditor General’s Report for unsatisfactory management of wakaf lands.
“PWS’s response in September 2015 stated that 14 applications were resolved while another 26 were pending action from PWS, the original owner as well as land and district offices.
“Process of ownership transfer usually takes up to six months, hence nothing can be done during that time as the land is still owned by the wakaf owner,” he said at the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) briefing on December 29.
However, he said PWS will continue to look for the most effective way to handle the issue. Based on current status, out of 40 audit sample cases, only 14 are left to be resolved.
“That includes 12 lands with original ownership accepted and which are now in the process of transfer to MAIS.
“Meanwhile, another case is in the process of ownership transfer from Sabak Bernam District and Land Office (PTD) to MAIS.
“Another case has been an issue with Sabak Bernam PTD, as they do not want to acknowledge the land ownership transfer because they want to turn the land into government land,” he said.
Earlier, audit results showed incomplete and outdated wakaf land registration data, 27.5% of which has yet to be registered under MAIS.
A total of 87.6% of wakaf land which have been registered as property of MAIS have not been gazetted, while 75.3% have yet to be utilised.
Meanwhile, PAC Chairman Ng Suee Lim was satisfied with PWS’s response during the briefing.
He hoped that PWS identifies an efficient mechanism to resolve the issues and achieve its objective in updating wakaf land in Selangor.

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