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PAS predicts GE14 in May 2017

SHAH ALAM, DEC 21: PAS predicts the 14th general election will be held in May 2017, based on information received from government agencies, as well as other factors.
PAS Vice President Dato’ Iskandar Samad said they came to the conclusion based on the federal government’s project implementation, which is usually during election campaign period.
He said the Election Commission (EC) has also issued the briefing schedule for election workers.
“The Chinese community will be celebrating Chinese New Year at the end of January and the festive atmosphere will continue into February.
“BN will surely use this celebration period as a time to campaign and announce ‘sweeteners’ for the rakyat.
“Then, Parliament will suddenly be dissolved at the end of March or in April so that a general election can be held within 60 days,” said Iskandar in a statement.
According to him, another consideration in hold an election in the near future is the weakening ringgit and Umno’s internal problems which may increase in severity.
As for PAS, Iskandar believes that the party is among the strongest opposition with a solid election machinery.
According to him, PAS has more advantage in Kelantan, being an incumbent; and it also has a lot of seats in Kedah, Terengganu and Selangor.
“PAS”, he said, “has a big chance of taking over Kedah and Terengganu.
“We need to be prepared for a snap general election. Outstanding issues must be resolved and all preparations must be completed.
“This is the best chance to either topple BN or expand control in other states,” he said.

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