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PEKAWANIS determined to popularise Quran

SHAH ALAM, DEC 1: Selangor Women’s Charity and Welfare Organisation (PEKAWANIS) aims to continue popularising the Quran, especially among women in Selangor.
Chairman Datin Seri Shamshida Taharin said that to realise this intention, the organisation has started to organise the Tadabbur and Khatam Quran Ceremony, which has been held since 2015.
She said the programme is gaining popularity among women in Selangor, from 100 participants in the beginning to 300 participants presently.
“By doing this, we not only become closer to God but we can also nurture closer ties among one another.
“Here, we start by meeting, then get to know and care for each other in the name of Allah,” she said.
She was present for the 18th Tadabbur and Khatam Quran Ceremony, together with 300 other women, at the Dato’ Menteri Besar’s Official Residence.
After Quran recitals, Shamsida who is also Dato’s Menteri Besar’s wife, shared knowledge on the benefits of understanding the meaning behind every verse in the Quran.
“Let us together, read and understand the meaning behind every verse in the Quran so that we can understand and practice what it teaches.
“If we understand and use it as our guidance in life, I believe all of us will lead calmer and happier lives,” she said.

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