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Russian Ambassador to Turkey shot dead

ANKARA, DEC 20: Russia’s Ambassador to Turkey, Andre Karlov was shot dead in an art gallery in Ankara.
International media reported that Karlov was giving a speech when he was shot eight times by a police officer.
It was also reported that the 22 year old gunman had shouted support for Aleppo during the incident.
The assailant was, however, shot dead by policemen after that.
The incident was also recorded by cameramen who were at the location for the launch of an art exhibition sponsored by the Russian embassy.
Karlov joined Russia’s foreign ministry in 1976.
He had also served as ambassador to Pyongyang, North Korea from 2001 to 2006; and was posted to Turkey in 2013.
Meanwhile Turkish President, Recep Tayyib Erdogan strongly condemns the incident, describing it as a provocation and an attempt to derail the Turkish-Russian relationship which had been on the mend, lately.

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