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Smart Selangor concept an attraction for Selangor Pavilion at MAHA 2016

SERDANG, DEC 6: The Smart Selangor concept was the theme of the state pavilion at the Malaysian Agriculture, Horticulture and Agro-tourism International Exhibition (MAHA 2016).
Based on the Smart Selangor Agro Edible Landscape element, the public can observe and learn the featured concept of Urban Agriculture.
Different from the 13 other states, the Selangor Pavilion features the use of modern technology of video screening, livestock and crops in accordance to the wish of Dato’ MenteriBesar, Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali who wants to turn Selangor into a Smart State and Smart City.
The Selangor Pavilion Coordinating Officer Faizah Munirah Johar said the urban plantation element is emphasised to inspire the public to plant and farm with modern methods, instead of relying on large plots of land.
“Urban agriculture is a method to implement the urban farming system that is becoming more popular nowadays.
“In some busy cities with high population, for example in Selangor, residential areas are dense and filled with skyscrapers.
“Therefore this method is important as it brings awareness of its role in the future,” she said when met by SelangorKini.
According to her, the method may not be as clear to some people, as they still have in mind big plots of farmland, plantations or fisheries located only in rural areas.
“Instead of depend too much on food sources from rural areas, this method helps lighten the cost of living through self-production of food.
“It is not impossible that through this method, households can earn additional side income from the community through surplus of this agricultural production,” she said.
Besides that, Faizah said that she has also brought in aqua-scape to attract more visitors to enjoy the landscape of lives in the aquarium.
“The aquarium is decorated with an attractive landscape for visitors to observe and be inspired for decoration purposes at their home, office and other location,” she said.
Among other attractions found at the Selangor Pavilion, were three types of goats which are the boer, saenan and dorper, brought in for visitors to view closely and for taking selfies with.
“Visitors can touch and feel these various types of goats; it will surely excite you,” she said.
She said visitors also have the chance to experience being in a trigona bee nest, which was specially built in the park for the public.
Faizah said that she is focusing on efforts to develop the trigona honey industry which has many health benefits.
In fact, it is among local health foods and is at par with honey produced internationally which can become our first ‘superfood’ to be brought to the international arena.
“In this ‘nest’, we have prepared  a video screening of a documentary on the industry as well as required equipment which are on display.
“So far we have more than 100 successful entrepreneurs in the trigona honey industry and we are trying to guide more entrepreneurs who are interested in this field,” she said.
There were various demonstrations held on cookingand DIY mushrooms. There were also more than 100 herbs and fishes for the public to see.
A total of 14 agricultural industry product entrepreneurs were present and the ‘NasiAmbeng’ dish was also introduced.
Faizah said that more than 2,000 people had visited during the four days of MAHA 2016.
“Last year, more than 10,000 people visited this pavilion and so far the response is overwhelming. We hope more people will come to the pavilion,” she said.
Apart from exhibitions from many agencies such as the Agricultural Department, Veterinary Department, Selangor Agricultural Development Corporation, Mardi and Fama, the Selangor Pavilion is also promoting the Selangor Fruit Valley (SFV) that will open on December 24.
“SFV will be made into an agro tourism product where people can come and visit to see various types of plants and animals,” she said.
MAHA 2016, themed ‘Makanan Kita Masa Depan Kita – Our Food Our Future’, will be held from December 1 until 11, located at Maeps, Serdang.

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