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Stop massacre in Aleppo

BY: Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia
The Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (ABIM), through the Malaysia Life Line for Syria (MLLFS) humanitarian aid agency, is closely monitoring the developments in Aleppo, Syria.
ABIM expressed regret over the silence of Muslim world leaders and the failure of world superpowers to stop the massacres and killings of Syrians in Aleppo.
However, the ceasefire agreement signed early on the morning of December 14 (Malaysian time), provides some relief and hope, although it is still too early for ABIM to say if this can be effectively implemented.
The agreement between representatives of Russia and Syrian’s freedom fighters, took place after pro-Syrian regime forces indicated that they were prepared to recapture the whole of Aleppo.
Pro-Syrian regime forces had intensified their move into areas that have been freed by Syrian freedom fighters (FSA), for the last two weeks after months of siege.
The Syrian Regime’s advancement peaked last Monday, with many areas freed by the FSA in the last four years falling one by one into the hands of the Syrian Regime.
Reports mentioned that only a few areas within the range of 10 square kilometres remain untaken, with over 100,000 of Aleppo’s population under siege including freedom fighters who are still holding strong.
The pro-Syrian regime’s advancement last Monday has caused the death of at least 82 civilians, while the United Nations (UN) has classified the disaster as a complete meltdown of humanity.
UN spokesperson Rupert Colville mentioned that casualties were from the four areas of Bustan alQasr, al-Fardous, al-Kallaseh and Salahuddin; and that they included 11 women and 13 children.
Some had been shot while running away from the fighting, with others were shot in the sanctuary of their homes in areas captured by the regime.
There were also reports of victims burned alive and shot dead after being raped by inhumane soldiers.
The UN also reported that over 37,000 people have fled East Aleppo, and are seeking shelter in West Aleppo and in suburbs.
At least 14,700 people have been forced to huddle in shelter homes, including cotton mills, in the cold weather which only adds to their sufferings.
ABIM and MLLFS have called for a humanitarian corridor to be opened to make way for humanitarian aid, especially for emergency medical care as well as food and drinks to be brought in to more than 100,000 residents of Aleppo who remain besieged; in addition to guaranteeing the safe evacuation of those still inside without risk of execution or arrest.
ABIM and MLLFS also strongly condemn the genocide and continuous massacre of the Syrian people which is seemingly ‘consented’ to by all world leaders. Syrian President Bashar Assad and Russia, including their allies, must be held accountable for these atrocities.  The conflict in Syria which has entered its sixth year, must be stopped to prevent the loss of more innocent lives.
At the same time, MLLFS is organising a Syrian Winter Aid Campaign expected to help the Syrians face the cold months. The team is expected to leave by January 2017.
The targeted contribution is RM500,000 and can only be made online via

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