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Trump to set-up new trade council

SHAH ALAM, DEC 22: The new United States President Donald Trump will set-up a new trade council in the White House after pledging to cancel or renegotiate several international trade agreements; according to his transition team, on December 21.
The transition team said that the White House National Trade Council headed by Peter Navarro, will also advice and manage on policies relating to the country’s security, internal security and economics.
Navarro, who is co-author of the book ‘Death by China: Confronting the Dragon – A Global Call to Action’, is an economics professor and a former democratic candidate for congress from California.
He was also the campaign advisor on economic issues for Trump, who is a Republican presidential candidate.
Meanwhile, Trump has named Carl Icahn as the unofficial ‘special advisor’ on regulatory reforms.
The transition team further mentioned that the trade council will advise on trade negotiation strategies, coordination with federal agencies and lead his ‘Buy America, Hire America’ programme for government spending.
“In setting-up the trade council, the president has shown his dedication to revive America’s manufacturing sector and provide the opportunity for every American to secure a good job and better pay,” said the transition team in a statement, reported by MalaysiaKini.

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