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Zaqhwan Supersports 600 ARRC champion

THAILAND, DEC 6: Md Zaqhwan Zaidi ended the 2016 season in style when he was crowned Supersports 600cc overall champion after the end of Round 6 of FIM Asian Road Racing Championship at the Chang International Circuit, Buriram, Thailand on December.
The Musashi Boon Siew Honda Racing rider confirmed his overall champion title by collecting 162 points, four more than Tomoyoshi Koyama (T. Pro Yuzy Honda NTS With WOW) in second place with 158 points while another Malaysian rider, Azlan Shah Kamaruzaman (BikeART Racing Kawasaki) finished third with 142 points.
Before Race 2 began, Zaqhwan was in second overall position and his mission for the overall champion title would only come true if he had a podium finish or ended the race with six points more than Koyama.
Zaqhwan’s victory was sealed when Koyama suffered engine failure halfway through Race 2 and failed to complete the race.
Zaqhwan, who was in ninth place, kept up his momentum until the finish line and completed the race in sixth place with an overall time of 30’03.488s.
The race was won by Yamaha Thailand Racing Team duo, Decha Kraisart dan Chalermpol who ended the 18 round race with a total time of 29’56.605s and 29’57.553s respectively.
“I was unaware that Koyama suffered mechanical difficulties because I was ahead of him since the start of the race. Only at the end did I realise that Koyama was no longer on the track,” Zaqhwan explained.
He said that he did not believe he could have won the title a second time as it was hard to beat Koyama.
“I am very happy with this win and thankful to all especially my team, sponsors, family and friends who worked hard and supported me throughout this entire year,” he said.
The win also saw Musashi Boon Siew Honda Racing successfully defending the individual and team titles for the fifth consecutive year since 2012.
Indonesian rider, Wahyu Aji Trilaksana won the Underbone 130cc overall champion title after winning Race 2 of  Round 6 of the FIM ARRC.
The TPK48 BKMS rider led from start till finish to end the eight lap race with an overall time of 17’16.687s.
His compatriot, Florianus Roy Brilyan (Malioboro City Jogjakarta BKMS) was second with a time of 2’09.185s followed by Malaysian rider, Md Shah Khairil Hisham (Felda PB Racing) in third with a time of 2’08.846s.
A total of 25 points collected by Wahyu ensured his top position with 149 points and his Underbone 130cc crown, his last as the category will be changed to 150cc for the 2017 season.
Malaysian rider, Md Amirul Ariff Musa (T. Pro Yuzy Honda NTS) who ended the race in fifth had to do with second overall with 133 points and fellow compatriot, Md Izzat Zaidi (RCB Kage Motobatt Yamaha YY Pang) won third place with 117 points.
Race 2 results
SuperSports 600cc

  1. Decha Kraisart (THA) Yamaha 29’56.605s
  2. Chalermpol Polamai (THA) Yamaha 29’57.553s
  3. Anthony Keith West (AUS) Yamaha 29’59.565s
  4. Azlan Shah Kamaruzaman (MAS) Kawasaki 30’01.049s
  5. Dimas Ekky Pratama (INA) Honda 30’03.247s

Overall standings

  1. Md Zaqhwan Zaidi (MAS) Honda 162 points
  2. Tomoyoshi Koyama (JPN) Honda 158 points
  3. Azlan Shah Kamaruzaman (MAS) 142 points
  4. Yuki Takahashi (JPN) Honda 136 points
  5. Decha Kraisart (THA) Yamaha 135 points

Asia Production 250cc

  1. Apiwat Wongthananon (THA) Yamaha 19’25.546s
  2. Takehiro Yamamoto (JPN) Kawasaki 19’26.248s
  3. Imanuel Putra Pratna (INA) Yamaha 19’34.062s
  4. Anupab Sarmoon (THA) Yamaha 19’34.219s
  5. Kasma Daniel Kasmayuddin (MAS) Yamaha 19’34.347s

Overall standings

  1. Apiwat Wongthananon (THA) Yamaha 246 points
  2. Takehiro Yamamoto (JPN) Kawasaki 171 points
  3. Anupab Sarmoon (THA) Yamaha 166 points
  4. Peerapong Loiboonpeng (THA) Yamaha 148 points
  5. Galang Hendra Pratama (INA) Yamaha 106 points

Underbone 130cc

  1. Wahyu Aji Trilaksana (INA) Yamaha 17’16.687s
  2. Florianus Roy Brilyan (INA) Yamaha 17’20.286s
  3. Md Shah Khairil Hisham (MAS) Yamaha 17.20.728s
  4. Md Fareez Afeez (MAS) Yamaha 17’21.498s
  5. Md Amirul Ariff Musa (MAS) Honda 17’38.120s

Overall standings

  1. Wahyu Aji Trilaksana (INA) Yamaha 149 points
  2. Md Amirul Ariff Musa (MAS) Honda 133 points
  3. Md Izzat Zaidi (MAS) Yamaha 117 points
  4. Ahmad Fazli Sham (MAS) Yamaha 115 points
  5. Florianus Roy (INA) Yamaha 105 points

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