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9,000 garbage bins around Petaling Jaya

SHAH ALAM, JAN 6: The Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) will deliver 9,000 units of garbage bins, in stages, to all residents in Petaling Jaya.
The Corporate Communication Media Secretariat said in a statement that the bins will be delivered through the MBPJ Council Member for the respective zones, starting January 8.
He said residents who receive the bins will be required to sign a letter of undertaking and comply to certain conditions.
“Among the conditions are that the bin must be placed in front of the house, to replace the old bin if it is damaged or lost, and not to place the bin in a location that would cause obstruction.
“Residents who fail to comply will face legal action,” he said.
The bins with a 120 litre capacity costs RM110 each and cannot be sold as it is the property of MBPJ.
Council Members involved in this programme are G Suriase (Zone 1), Shatiri Mansor (Zone 3), Ang Min Ern (Zone 5), Daniel Lee Marn Zhi (Zone 7), Jamaliah Jamaluddin (Zone 9) and Ong Swee Long (Zone 13).
The rest are Ermeemarianna Saadon (Zone 15), Terrance Tan Teck Seng (Zone 16), Ahmad Akhir Pawan Chik (Zone 17), Ariffin Mahaiyuddin (Zone 18), Onn Chong Lin (Zone 20), Mohd Ghazali Daud (Zone 21), Azri Mohamad Arish (Zone 23) and Halimey Abu Bakar (Zone 24).
MBPJ gives priority to residents in landed properties who are using the leach bin system.
It also involves residential areas in villages, new villages and lots with roads which are difficult for garbage trucks to enter (narrow roads, dead-end roads).

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