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BN Government’s 2017 ‘Gift’: Suffering for citizens

SHAH ALAM, JAN 3: At a time when Malaysians are hoping for a better life for 2017, the opposite happens when the prices of goods in the market continue to rise and burden all the rakyat.
KEADILAN Consumerism Bereau Chairman G Manivannan said the price increase of goods particularly fish and oil is akin to Umno Barisan Nasional (BN) Government’s 2017 gift of misery for Malaysians.
He believes this situation is caused by the implementation of the existing policy of Goods and Service Tax (GST) that continue to burden the rakyat.
“Before GST was implemented, we had emphasized that prices of goods will go up sharply and now it is a reality. Before this, they said that prices of goods will go down, but what is happening now?
“In 2017, I am certain that the national economy is at a more critical level and Najib’s Government will create more surprises and new records in continuing to burden the rakyat,” he said to SelangorKini.
Quoting earlier media reports, the prices of fish that have increased by up to RM2 for every kilo, is claimed to be caused by the short supply of resources during the monsoon season.
The situation gets worse when petrol price in the market increase by 20 sen in early January, after the abolition of subsidies by Putrajaya.
Speaking further, the Kapar Member of Parliament said that withdrawal of several subsidies for goods in the market was also claimed to be the reason for price increases.
“This is what we call the Prime Minister’s new year present for the rakyat. If they are concerned and care, they will continue the subsidies as a way to help the rakyat.
“But the opposite happens when the level of misery this new year has gone up to a maximum level and there is a need for everyone’s attention to make necessary changes,” he said.

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