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COB PBT plays role in tackling issues faced by apartment dwellers

PUCHONG, JAN 17: Commissioner of Buildings (COB) Local Authorities (PBT) plays an important role in ensuring that issues faced by residents of apartments in Selangor can be addressed immediately.
COB is apparently capable of carrying out the responsibilities as most of the complaints are dealt with effectively and successfully.
Housing, Building Management and Urban Living Exco Dato’ Iskandar Abdul Samad said the State Government appreciates the work and contributions of COB in helping to handled issues faced by apartment residents.
“Approximately 40% of the Selangor population live in apartments or strata buildings with control given to COB in PBT.
“Their job is very important, with being on duty regardless of time. For example, people’s representatives accompanying residents to complain of various problems which occur, and resolving the problems.
“We have many programmes to assist COB, as there are many issues inherited from the past to be resolved,” he said.
He was speaking after the Appreciation Night of Selangor Housing and Property Board (LPHS) / COB, on January 16.
On the matter, he said that it was an occasion to celebrate COB, which had worked hard to carry out responsibilities to meet the needs of residents in apartments.
“I am very grateful.. This is one of the programmes we have to honour their contributions,” he said.

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