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Dato' Menteri Besar's Chinese New Year Message 2017

I would like to wish a very Happy Chinese New Year to the entire Malaysian Chinese community. Xin Nian Kuai Le (新年快乐), Ji Nian Da Ji (鸡年大吉)!
May this Year of the Rooster bring happiness and prosperity to all of you and your families. May it strengthen the harmony and ties between our nation’s ethnic groups as we visit each other’s houses and pay our respects.
The admirable qualities possessed by the rooster and Chinese culture, namely sincerety, bravery, and fortitude of both morals and physique, make the rooster a symbol of leadership and strong will.
This Year of the Rooster reminds us of the importance of good leadership in setting the direction and future of our nation and its people.
Good leadership must be based on a functioning democratic system, not one that is manipulated for the benefit of political elites.
I cherish the tremendous contributions that the Malaysian Chinese community, especially in Selangor, have made towards building our beloved nation together with other ethnic groups. A stalwart defender of justice and reform, the Chinese community has taught us a valuable lesson that patience and hard work will find their reward.
When the darkness of night has peaked, dawn will surely follow. The rooster will rise to greet the desire for justice, democracy, freedom and reform that ride upon the light of dawn.

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