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Film director: Why restrict PTPTN debtors from going abroad?

SHAH ALAM, JAN 31: Film director, Ahmad Idham Nadzri expressed concerns and sympathy on the fate of youths who must bear the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) debts when failing to secure jobs after their studies.
In his reaction on Twitter @ Ahmad_Idham, he raised the appropriateness of overseas travel restrictions imposed by the Immigration on those who fail to pay their debts.
“I pity these PTPTN graduates. Not paying, they get blocked. But, how to pay if even job opportunities are scarce nowadays. Is it fair to them?
“I wonder, why go to the extent of immigration restriction? Has the government lost its trust on its own citizens? Was it not the citizens who chose you,” he said.
According to him, although there are graduates who find jobs, but their salaries can only pay for basic necessities due to the increasing cost of living.
He added that this concern is supported by the increasingly difficult job market situation which has resulted in many lay-offs by big companies.
“It would be smarter to open up opportunities for them to find jobs abroad. They can earn better income to pay their debt. Provide solutions not punish straightaway,” he said.

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