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JAKIM responds to issue of Chinese Prayer Biscuit that went viral

SHAH ALAM, JAN 10: Malaysian Islamic Development Department (JAKIM) stated that the ‘Chinese Prayer Biscuit’ is registered under the name of Iced Gem and manufactured/produced by several companies that hold the Malaysian Halal Certificate.
JAKIM said that in response to claims that the biscuit is made from animal fat which is non-halal, and of which has been going viral and causing anxiety among consumers.
“Many wholesalers resell the biscuits based on weight/measurements and small packets (repackaged), and some of these wholesalers have yet to apply for halal certification.
“Therefore, be a wise consumer by prioritising biscuits with the Malaysian Halal Logo/Certificate or International Halal Logo recognised by JAKIM,” said JAKIM Halal Hub Division, Corporate Affairs Unit.
For further reference on products with Malaysian Halal Certification and International Halal Logo recognised by JAKIM, the public can browse or myJakim smartphone application.
For any questions or clarification required pertaining to issues which are going viral, the public can browse JAKIM Halal Hub Division Facebook account at

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