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MPAJ collected 96% assessment taxes, 85% arrears

AMPANG, JAN 24: The State Government’s effort to provide assessment tax exemption for 2016 to low cost house owners and village houses is a contributing factor to the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council’s (MPAJ) success in increasing its arrears collection to 85% in the same year.
MPAJ Yang Dipertua Abd Hamid Hussain said it was because those with arrears did not need to settle their current assessment tax and could instead focus on settling their arrears instead.
“We do not have detailed analysis but when the State Government gave tax exemption it could be a factor that encouraged the collection of arrears.
“In Ampang specifically there are many low cost houses, around 20,000 units,” he said.
He said this when met by SelangorKini after the Antabranta bangsawan theatre production at the monthly MPAJ gathering organised by the MPAJ Town Planning Department on January 23.
In addition, MPAJ managed to collect 96% of assessment taxes for the same year.
Among the efforts conducted by MPAJ to increase collections include the establishment of a special taskforce to identify the problems of late payers.
“We emphasise relationship with the public. The public knows us, what our role and duties are.
“Effort conducted by MPAJ include tracing them, trying to contact them, giving notice and when there are any license renewals, we also check if they have any arrears. If there are, we will advise them to settle the payments,” he said.

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