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‘Smart PJ’ managing challenges in city growth

PETALING JAYA, JAN 6: Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) will implement the ‘Smart City’ project based on goals to create a safe, clean and prosperous city.
‘Smart City’ project based on goals to create a safe, clean and prosperous city.
Mayor Dato’ Mohd Azizi Mohd Zain said Smart PJ is an integrated city management system using information technology.
He said a command centre will be created to connect, monitor and control activities based on three elements.
“Smart PJ is a comprehensive solution to the challenges of a growing city.
“It can shape culture and lifestyle including housing, education, health and safety,” he said recently during the launch of the 2016 Sustainable Community Award Presentation Ceremony and Launch of PJKita.
At the same time, Azizi said PJKita programmes will support the community towards the Smart PJ initiative.
“PJKita is a digital platform for community engagement. PJKita will promote five main principals,” he said.
He said these are collaboration network, strategic cooperation, volunteerism, culture and lifestyle plus digital fabrication.

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