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Tabung Haji: Saudi Arabia reinstates Malaysian hajj quota to 27,900

SHAH ALAM, JAN 27: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has reinstated the Malaysian hajj quota to 27,900 for the 2017 Hajj Season.
Lembaga Tabung Haji (TH) in its statement, said that the matter was informed by Hajj and Umrah Saudi Minister Dr Mohammad Saleh Bentan during an annual meeting on hajj matters in Jeddah recently.
It said that the meeting was also attended by Minister in Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom.
“TH was also informed that the Saudi Government has almost completed the mega development project around Masjidil Haram. This is the government’s effort to ensure that hajj and umrah pilgrims from around the world can perform their duties in a safer and more comfortable environment, consistent with the yearly increase in the number of pilgrims.
“On behalf of the Malaysian Government, the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department would like to thank the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for reinstating the hajj quota which is highly anticipated by all Muslims,” according to the statement.
TH also stated that the Malaysian and Saudi Governments are always in discussions on matters pertaining to hajj pilgrims and other yearly improvements.
“Among matters discussed every year is the additional quota in order to shorten the hajj rotation period,” said the same statement.
Prior to this, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia limited hajj pilgrims from Malaysia to 22,230 since 2013.

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