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Vegetables latest foodstuff to experience price hike

ALOR STAR, JAN 8: While still coming to grips with rising fish prices, consumers are suddenly facing rising vegetable prices.
Checks at Pasar Besar Alor Star today found that the price of okra had gone up to between RM9 and RM10 per kg, compared to between RM6 and RM7 per kg previously.
Tomato prices have also gone up from RM4 to RM5 per kg, while round cabbages and carrots cost RM6 per kg, compared to RM3 per kg previously.
Vegetable trader Sazali Ismail, 37, said price rises are due to a lack of supply in the market, the result of the monsoon season on the east coast.
“Not all vegetable prices have increased, though. ‘Cabai melaka’ (Malacca chili) remains at RM12 per kg, while ‘sawi’ is still cheap at RM2.50 to RM3 per kg,” he said.
“We only increase prices slightly when we are forced to buy vegetables at a higher price from suppliers in order to make a little profit,” Sazali added.
Rohaini Abdullah, 55, a vegetable trader, said the depreciation of the ringgit also played a role in the rise in prices of vegetables.
“When the supply of goods decreases, they must be brought in from Thailand. But the wholesale contractor must pay more as a result of the depreciation of the Malaysian ringgit.
“This forces suppliers to raise wholesale prices for retailers, and retailers subsequently raise prices to earn some profit,” he said.
Meanwhile, housewife Halimah Ahmad, 42, said the price hike has increased the burden on consumers, following the rise in fish and coconut milk prices.
“I hope the government can monitor or help resolve this issue in order to ease the burden of the people,” she said.

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