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12 hot spots detected in Riau, concerns on haze recurring

PEKANBARU, FEB 22: A total of 12 hot spots were detected in the Riau region ahead of the coming dry season when several other areas in Indonesia are experiencing heavy rain and flood.
The hot spots were detected through Terra and Aqua Sattelite owned by their Meterology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG).
Four hot spots were discovered in Tanah Putih district near Rokan, three in Siak Sri Indrapura and Sungai Apit in the Siak district, two in Mandah near Indragiri Hilir region, two in Bunut and Kuala Kampar districts near Pelalawan and one in Tapung near Kampar district.
BMKG data and information section head, Slamet Riyadi said the hot spots had increased yesterday from only seven, the day before.
“As expected, the first round of drought in Riau will start in the middle of February until middle of March.
The re-emergence of hot spots is a sign of the start of dry season,” he said as reported by Jakarta Post.
In another development, Riau joint task-force leader, Brigadier-General Nurendi urged his workers to cooperate with local authorities to manage forest fires ahead of the coming dry season.
Meanwhile, in Peninsular Malaysia, a total of 22 hot spots have been detected through Malaysian Meteorological Department’s Terra and Aqua Sattelite.

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