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Ensure Proton’s investors have vision to compete globally

SHAH ALAM, FEB 15: The Federal Government and Proton must take brave measures to ensure the national car production company’s new investors possess the vision and ability to make it competitive at a global level.
Former Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) Deputy Director, Dr Rosli Yaakob said Proton must stand on its own, after 34 years of establishment, without hoping for protection policies to ensure its sustainability.
Among these policies are high excise tax on imported cars so that Proton can be sold cheaper.
“Based on its commercial viability, Proton would not survive with the competition from global car companies in spite of those policies.
“Proton is not becoming mature, it continues to depend on government’s protection policies as it cannot compete with international automobile companies,” said Rosli when contacted by SelangorKini today.
He said, the Federal Government cannot continue to protect Proton and must bring in foreign investors to ensure Proton’s sustainability or risk shutting down its operations.
He said bringing in foreign investors would also help reduce government’s financial burden.
“Hence this would save the rakyat from having to continue bearing the cost of Proton all the time with no end, whereby this cannot happen anymore.
“Don’s just look at the political viewpoint but look at the business’s continuation and its effects on the public who are bearing the cost. With China’s huge market it is hoped that Proton can compete,” he said.

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