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Free Parliament from JPM

SHAH ALAM, FEB 27: The Federal Government is demanded to free Parliament from being placed under the Prime Minister’s Department (JPM) for now, to ensure its functions runs accordingly.
The Intsitute Darul Ehsan Strategic and Social Development Director, Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah said that due to the current situation that restricts Parliament from being more responsible, and this move would ultimately allow democracy to be practiced in this country.
“On one hand, we have democratic issues that have not been mentioned which are impairments in other institutions besides the Election Commission (EC).
“In the past, Parliament has been independent hence, Acts which have been abolished can be reinstated.
“The rightful institution to protect democracy is the Parliament however the body itself sits under JPM, which should not be the case as it is supposed to be independent and not tied to any department or administration,” he said.
He was speaking in the ‘Wujudkah demokrasi sebenar di Malaysia?’ forum at the University of Selangor (UNISEL).
Saifuddin said that currently various pressures are evident in ensuring the Parliament functions as what it is supposed to.
Meanwhile, Unisel Student Development and Student Affairs Community Network Deputy Chancellor, Prof Dr Shaharuddin Baharuddin described election in this country as a ‘guessing game’.
“When the how it will be done depend on the Prime Minister. That is the reason that Election process is always a guessing game.
“In America for example, election is once in four years hence the polling date, swearing in and everything else are known in advance. It is different from Malaysia, when the Prime Minister and his party is ready then election is held. That is the reason they don’t fail.
“In India and Indonesia, the body that controls election is independent and not determined by any executive powers or the Prime Minister,” he said.
He did not deny that Malaysia has a high level of management due to its legacy nonetheless how it is being realised is the question asked by the citizens.
“Many manipulations are evident from the management of Tabung Haji to the Election Commission for example. It seems to profit only certain parties,” he said.

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