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JAKESS helps divorced women claim alimony for free

SHAH ALAM, FEB 24: The main cause that divorced women are unable to fight for their rights is the high legal fees to begin the court process to claim alimony for themselves and their children from their ex-husbands,
Selangor Syariah Judiciary Department (JAKESS) Chief Syarie Judge, Yang Amat Arif Dato’ Dr Mohd Na’im Mokhtar said, to help these women, JAKESS Family Support Unit (BSK) provides legal consultation for free until they are successful with their claims as agreed.
“Just imagine, they are already being charged for legal consultation. That excludes opening of file and others, which would cost them a lot of money, causing these divorced women to refrain from taking action as they are unable to bear the high legal fees.
“But BSK provides this service for free until they are successful with their claims,” said Mohd Na’im.
He was speaking during the Chief Syarie Judge Session with Media at the Sultan Idris Shah Syariah Court Building recently.
Besides helping the women with legal proceedings, BSK also helps by giving them financial support in advance for six months before their alimony claims are successful, he said.
“While the claim process is ongoing, these ex-wives and children would surely need money for daily expenses, that is the reason BSK extends financial support in advance. After their claims are successful, that money will be reimbursed to BSK’s fund,” he said.
However, the advanced money will be turned to full donation in the event their ex-husbands cannot be located or are really unable to pay for alimony, such as being declared as a bankrupt.
He added that among the actions that can be taken include seizure and auction of assets belonging to the ex-husbands in order to liquidate them to cash as well as prison sentence for a maximum of three years for violation of court orders.
“BSK is a special unit, to trace ex-husbands who refuse to carry-out their responsibilities towards their ex-wives and children as ordered by the court, who will trace these men until there are found,” he said.

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