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Malaysian Ambassador in Pyongyang called back

SHAH ALAM, FEB 20: The government has called back Malaysian Ambassador to Pyongyang in reaction to North Korean Diplomat’s statement on Malaysia recently.
In a statement, the Malaysian Foreign Ministry said that was done as a government’s consultation process, in fact Wisma Putra has also summoned the North Korean Ambassador today to get clarification on his statement in a media conference last February 17.
Wisma Putra said, Kang Chol had a meeting with Deputy Secretary General of Foreign Ministry Bilateral Affairs, Raja Nushirwan Zainal Abidin.
The statement also emphasized that since Kim Jong-nam’s death happened in Malaysia and under suspicious circumstances, it is the government’s responsibility to investigate to identify the cause of death.
“The investigation is done in accordance to procedures under Malaysian laws.
“The Embassy of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) has also been informed that the death is classified as sudden death.
Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 10.14.22 PM
“Therefore, an autopsy must be done,” said the statement.
At the same time, Malaysia Foreign Ministry said the government has also informed Kang Chol that as soon as investigation is over, the body shall be returned to its next-of-kin, according to this country’s laws and procedures.
“The Malaysian Government conducts transparent investigation. The Embassy will also be informed on the development of the investigation, a process which also in accordance to Malaysian law.
“The Government considers the North Korean Ambassador’s critics as baseless and the accusations aimed at tarnishing the country’s reputation is taken seriously,” it said.
In a media conference last Friday, North Korea’s Ambassador gave the impression that Malaysia has ‘something to hide”.
Kang Chol also claimed that Malaysia “collude and conspired with other foreign powers” in handling the death case of North Korean leader’s step-brother, last February 13.

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