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MPK: Beware of crocodile in Sungai Klang

SHAH ALAM, FEB 8: The Klang Municipal Council (MPK) will put up signs around the Klang River to warn the public about a 2-metre long crocodile which appeared in the river.
MPK Yang Dipertua, Dato’ Mohamad Yasid Bidin said, the ‘beware’ sign will be put up soon to warn the public.
Last Monday, a crocodile was sighted in the Klang River, shocking people in the Klang city.
The reptile’s movement was recorded by a road user on a bridge and the video was uploaded on Facebook and You Tube.
Meanwhile, the Selangor Department of Wildlife and National Parks Director, Abd Rahim Othman said he was notified about the crocodile and saw it on the social media.
He said they had monitored the river however the reptile did not surface again.
“Since it appeared only once, we think that it was just passing the area to return to its original habitat,” he said.
Abd Rahim said, at the moment, the reptile is not a threat to the locals, however, people are reminded to contact the department immediately should they see the crocodile again.
“This is to ensure we can catch the crocodile immediately,” he said.
He also reminded residents to avoid any attempt to catch the reptile themselves to prevent any unwanted incident.

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