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Support for MB increase to 62% ahead of GE14

SHAH ALAM, FEB 15: Based on the latest survey conducted by Darul Ehsan Institute (IDE), Selangor citizens’ support towards Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali as the Dato’ Menteri Besar Selangor has increased to 62% compared to 58% before this.
IDE Deputy Chairman, Profesor Dato’ Dr Mohammad Redzuan Othman said the result was obtained from the 2017 Selangor Citizens’ Perception Survey conducted last February 8 to 13.
He said it was implemented systematically involving 50 trained enumerators who interacted directly with 2,018 respondents in 56 constituencies.
“This increase positively reflects on his leadership in Selangor for the coming election.
“It also shows that his people-friendly and proactive approach together with the state leaders in addressing issues are proving to be very effective.
“This survey also found that Dato’ Menteri Besar is a people-friendly leader, who go down to the grounds and is able to bring progress,” he said referring to the survey result.
3. HIGHER RESO-pestasi MB Feb 2017
The survey covered many issue genres such as in the event of a two or three-corner competitions, social-media influences, citizens’ perceptions on political parties, views on current issues, local authorities’ service levels, State Government’s achievements and many more.
Mohammad Redzuan said the survey result showed the support for PAKATAN coalition under Menteri Besar’s leadership remains solid and there should be no problem in maintaining the existing government.
“However, the support for Barisan Nasional in Selangor is found to be dwindling and the dissatisfaction was very clear especially on issues concerning the Good and Service Tax (GST), increasing price of goods, corruption, distrust in leaders and briberies,” he said.
For the record, IDE uses the latest innovation in the research, using tablets and a self-developed IDE e-survey application.
It enables the respondents profile samples, enumerators’ locations and duties to be monitored in real time in the operation room to ensure the survey’s accuracy based on respondents set profiles.
The respondents consisted of the Malays, Chinese and Indians with multiple background of jobs, places of residence, education levels and many more.
Besides the survey, IDE also held group interviews with various groups to validate the results.

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