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2,000 hectares of land with potential to be developed

KUALA SELANGOR, MAR 24: There are 2,000 hectares of abandoned farming land that has been identified in Selangor, yet to be developed.
Kuala Selangor District Farming Officer, Mohammad Izwan Hasan said he is still identifying the owners of these land in order to develop them.
He said, he is expecting the cooperation from village heads known as ‘tok sidang’ to assist with finding these land owners to work on them as farming sites.
“We are hoping for the cooperation from tok sidang to inform the land owners or bring them to the Agricultural Department so that we can meet with owners who are interested to develop their land.
“We have people who are interested to develop the land for farming project,” he said to SelangorKini after Meet Customer Day and Kuala Selangor District Agricultural Department 2017 Farming Project Development Grant Presentation Ceremony.
He said, the land will be developed with various fertigation method and with sophisticated technology.
“In Kuala Selangor, usage of land is becoming limited as they are partly developed for oil palm.
“Nevertheless, the biggest contribution from this district is paddy. Besides that, we are formulating a strategic plan for 2016 to 2020 targeting to develop a fertigation project for chilli and rock melon as they are give a higher impact,” he said.

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