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4 young men loosen traffic ‘knot’

SHAH ALAM, MAR 6: The unusual congestion at the intersection connecting the Federal Highway, Jalan Subang and Persiaran Jubli Perak yesterday evening eased after four young men appeared and saved the situation.
The incident happened at about 1.50 pm when four young men helped to disperse the traffic at the intersection which occurred due to the malfunction of all the traffic lights in the area.
The situation caused drivers in the front to try making a beeline to past the junction without following proper route.
However, after almost half-an-hour of jam, with vehicles not moving even an inch, four young men, believed to be trapped in the same congestion, came out and tried to disperse the ‘knotted’ vehicles.
SelangorKini reporters who were about 200 metres from the intersection could see clearly the four men, acting like traffic-police trying to disperse the vehicles while waiting for the real traffic police.
The commendable action relieved the other drivers who complimented them by honking their vehicles and showing the thumbs-up as signs of appreciation.

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