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Avoid being a 'rat urine' leader

SEKINCHAN, MAR 1: Political leaders are reminded to avoid being a ’rat urine’ that only chase popularity and forgot the original struggle.
ADN Sekinchan, Ng Suee Lim said, leaders should fight for the welfare in order to be appointed as representative of the people as just the pursuit of popularity
“We as leaders should set aside the attitude of ‘rat urine’ politician but trying to help and serve the people and preached, sincere and honest.
“People will be watching us, probably within three to four years, we can use the popularity to hide the political weakness, but if this is adopted, the lies will burst out and people will know that we only know how to talk,” she told SelangorKini.
Suee Lim said, as leaders should come up with policies and approaches as well as valuable suggestions for improvement or benefit to the people in Parliament or State Assembly.
“We want all politicians to always be friendly and present the problems of the people in a proper platform such as the council and the assembly.
“Not only do covering, it is not sufficient for the development of a region or even beneficial to the people,” she said.
Before that, Suee Lim admits, of course in politics there are various kinds of leaders, including politicians who only chase popularity alone.
“There are politicians who rarely even go down the areas while there is who not interested in anything to give good service to the people. Despite their slogan is rhetorical that is to defend the people for the sake of the religion of the state and nation.
“However, the fact that the public did not know them, so people complain and question who should be responsible. When there is a disaster such as a flood they cannot be contacted,” she said.

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