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DAP not anti-Islam

KUALA LUMPUR, MAR 27: DAP does not support the implementation of hudud in Malaysia as it is not in line with the Federal Constitution.
Seremban Member of Parliament, Anthony Loke Siew Fook said, although DAP rejects its implementation, the party has never been anti-Islamic as described by Umno-Barisan Nasional and its component party, MCA and Gerakan.
“The difference between DAP and MCA and Gerakan is that, although we don’t agree to implement hudud, we argue with decorum and have never asperse the Islamic laws to frighten the non-Muslim community.
“Meanwhile, MCA and Gerakan are the ones trying to form a bad perception on Islamic laws and create Islamophobia among the non-Muslims in Malaysia, but DAP is the one being attacked by Umno and PAS as being anti-Islamic,” he said in a media conference at the Parliament lobby today.
Loke said that referring to the statement by Gerakan Secretary-General and Simpang Renggam Member of Parliament, Liang Teck Meng who urged him to apologise openly for allegedly supporting hudud implementation in a talk before the 13th General Election (GE13), where the video has been going viral recently.
He said, his stand and that of DAP remain unchanged, as when the party was cooperating with PAS in PAKATAN.
“Hudud was not in the agenda and was never agreed as a joint policy with PAKATAN.
“I would like to stress this in my speech, that hudud was neither an agenda nor a joint policy with PAKATAN. It was not a consideration in GE13 but merely MCA and Gerakan’s propaganda when they intentionally prevaricate it by spreading just certain words,” he said.
He said, DAP cut its ties with PAS as the Islamic party had violated the joint policy in PAKATAN concerning the hudud issue.
“I would like to ask Liang Teck Meng if Gerakan is prepared to cut its ties with Umno and leave BN, if Umno violates BN’s consensus by taking over the RUU355 motion independently in this session?
“His statement was an attempt to divert attention of MCA and Gerakan’s failure to ensure the government does not take over the motion,” he said.

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