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Dego Ride should be allowed and Taxi improvised

Today, on March 29, 2017, I have raised the question to the Ministry of Transport on their action to ban Dego Ride but not Uber and Grabcar.
To me, this is not fair to those who are trying to earn additional monthly pocket-money.
I can see that this ‘Motor Taxi’ has the potential to add income to those in the lower economic group.
In fact, if the Government and the company can plan and implement it well, Dego Ride can possibly help to reduce the ‘Mat Rempit’ issue when they engage themselves in activities that are more beneficial.
This can be done by setting strict safety guidelines on the rider and the vehicle that will be used to ensure the service is safe for everyone.
I also realise the technology expansion today has given birth to various transportation services such as Uber and Grabcar which have affected taxi drivers’ earnings.
In fact, this has been voiced-out by taxi drivers’ association in a protest in parliament in early March this year.
I am of the view that to strengthen the Taxi industry, the government must issue taxi permit directly to the drivers instead of going through a middleman.
Looking at the current situation, is the existing AliBaba system providing a satisfactory taxi service quality to the Nation’s taxi industry?
Would piling up taxi Operator Licenses to companies going to guarantee a satisfactory taxi service performance to SPAD, moreover to consumers?
I am certain that taxi service would improve when taxi drivers are given Individual Operating License. In fact, it is not impossible that these taxi drivers might help SPAD realise consumers’ expectations for a world-class taxi industry in the Country.
Therefore, I propose to the government to strike a balance in the existing transportation policy, to be fair to existing services such as Taxi and to the new ones like Uber, Grabcar and Dego Ride, in order to help citizens who are in the middle and lower income bracket.
* YB Dr. Mujahid Yusof Rawa is Parit Buntar Member of Parliament

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