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EAIC should be given power to prosecute

KUALA LUMPUR, MAR 15: The Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission (EAIC) should be given the right to enforce and prosecute for more transparent investigations.
Klang Member of Parliament, Charles Santiago said although EAIC is authorised to investigate and give recommendations for certain cases such as death in custody, there are still not authorised to prosecute a person based on their findings.
“EAIC has no prosecution power. They can give all the recommendations in the world but they have no power to implement it.
“I say that EAIC Act be amended to give them the power to enforce and prosecute offenders in court,” he said.
He said that in a media conference at the Parliament Lobby.
In the same media session, he asked the government to appoint an attorney to assist EAIC in the case of late S Balamuragan’s who died in police custody.
He said, although police investigated the case but its transparency is questionable as they have no credibility.
According to Charles, based on statistics that government has revealed, 1,600 custodial deaths have been recorded since 2010 and the perpetrators are never brought to justice.

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