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FWI was brilliant, mirrors the country's credibility

SHAH ALAM – Selangor achieve Family Well-Being Index (FWI) Malaysia in 2016 promising a number of factors influenced by the leadership of Dato’ Menteri Besar, Dato ‘Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali.
Senior Manager Research Institution Darul Ehsan (IDE), Khairul Arifin Mohd Munir said,the proud achievement by Selangor is a reflection of the leadership of the State Government in formulating policies, services and various Inisiatif Peduli Rakyat (IPR).
“The rating reflects the state of Selangor boasts a harmonious pluralistic and diverse people.
“Scores of 7:33 is obtained which is equal to the position of Malaysia. Selangor beat other states in terms of services, policies and initiatives offered, thus leading to the impact of family welfare,” he told SelangorKini.
He said although Selangor composites with various social issues, but indications are still in a good position.
Khairul Arifin said the report was reinforced by FWI Selangor People Perception Survey 2017 that is satisfied with the performance of the State Government to implement the program of initiatives and also the local authorities.
“Family is an important nucleus of society and become a problem if it collapses. It can be nurtured through the support environment, and location services that contribute to the family ideal.
“In this study, 70 percent of people are satisfied with the services offered by the State Government including the ‘Smart Selangor’, in addition to incentives and projects affecting the development of the country,” he said.
At the same time, he said, the support from people who rose to the leadership of Mohamed Azmin also affects the performance of the Selangor better.
“It is possible that the FWI 2017 will continue to show improvement due to the various incentives implemented Mohamed Azmin including Peduli Sihat programme,” he said.

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