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Government must ensure safety of Malaysians in North Korea

KUALA LUMPUR, MAR 7: The Malaysian Government must inform what are the proactive actions it is taking to ensure the safety of Malaysians who are now in North Korea.
Batu Member of Parliament, Tian Chua said, this must be clarified to avoid questions arising out of this issue.
“My question is, why when we were witnessing the rife between our country and North Korea, the Foreign Ministry did not advise Malaysians there to leave the country for their safety?
“If there were safety measures taken, that means our government was negligent in the safety of our citizens,” he said to the media at Parliament lobby today.
He said, when our government started the verbal war with string restrictions on North Koreans, we here were not sure what was happening to the Malaysians who are there.
“We received no information on any action taken and we wonder if our embassy there is doing anything to ensure the safety of our citizens,” he said.
At the moment, North Korea is temporarily prohibiting Malaysians from leaving the country to ensure the safety of its Diplomat and citizens who are still in Malaysia.
It is believed that there are 11 Malaysian in North Korea at the moment. APF reported approximately 1,000 North Koreans expatriates are currently living in Malaysia.

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