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Happy World Women’s Day: Dare to change!

March 8 every year is a symbolic day where the world express appreciation towards women for their services and sacrifices on this earth.
Themed “Dare to Change” this year, I would like to take this opportunity express my appreciation to the women who have helped to develop our beloved country, be it in the field of politics and administration, economy and careers as well as in the social field including sports and entrepreneurship.
Women are the backbone in the development of family institution and community.
Referring to statistics released by the National Statistics Department, the ration of men and women is 107:100, or approximately 16.4 million men to 15.3 million women.
With such a big gender group, the existence of women in society is certainly significant. Beginning from delivering babies to their involvement in the country’s administration, women’s contributions to Malaysia are priceless.
Therefore, I agree with the government’s efforts to increase women’s involvement in the workforce by 59% to strengthen their contribution in the country’s economy.
Surely there are some who ask, is it still relevant for us to celebrate women’s day?
In those days, the first wave of feminism was triggered when the European women demanded their rights to vote, illustrating the importance of gender equality at that time.
But today, many says that the situation is so much different and we are in a country that treats our women well. Malaysia has special commuter-coaches for women, additionally in the higher education institution, the number of women exceeds the men.
But if we say that gender equality do not need to be highlighted anymore, and that it is no more an important issue, that is a mistake.
There are still many women who are being oppressed with problems in family institution and in their career. Single-moms’ welfare crisis, sexual harassment in work-places and unfair appointment in administration and management positions are issues still occurring now.
This do not yet include the work-life balance issue, especially for women who are busy in the office and at home, with no time to get themselves involved in community activities.
Certainly, as a leader for women, I always emphasize and fight for these rights for women. For me, the best solution for social justice is to get more women involve in administration.
Women’s voices need to be heard in the administration, legal and corporate fields for their welfare to continue to be protected. As such, I urge all parties to cooperate and give the opportunities for women to take up leadership roles in the government and private sectors.
It is time for us to change the public policies and social narratives on women’s development. The achievements of Nicole Ann David and Zeti Aziz for example, are symbols of women’s strength on the international level, and could only be greater with the effort by all to elevate them.
To the women out there, it is time for us to bring ourselves to a higher level, that is to the front-line in all fields, beginning from family institutions to the country’s leadership.
Happy Women’s Day: Dare to Change!
* Fuziah Salleh is Kuantan Member of Parliament & KEADILAN Rakyat Party

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