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Increased perception of corruption in Malaysia

SHAH ALAM, MAR 2: The government needs to give serious consideration concerning issues of corruption in this country in view of citizens’ increased perception about it year by year.
Transparency International – Malaysia (TI-M) President, Datuk Akhbar Satar said, based on 2017 Global Corruption Barrometre done by Transparency International (TI) for the Asia-Pacific Region, 60% of respondents felt the increase of corruption in Malaysia.
He said, what’s more worrying was that 62% of them felt that the Government is not handling the issue well, while 53% felt that the government is not taking any effective action to fight corruption.
“Only 11% feels that corruption is decreasing. In the same study conducted in 2013, only 39% felt that the issue is increasing,” he said in a media statement.
The newspaper said, 41% felt that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is not tackling the issue in the best way possible and the police as a government agency registered as the highest potential to take bribes, as much as 57%.
He said, the study also showed that 17% of respondents will fight corruption by not giving out bribes, while only 12% said they dare to come forward to lodge reports if they have information on it.
As such, TI-M provided several proposals to the government to fight the widespread of corruption in this country.
“The government needs to present new preventive measures in several sectors highly potential for corruption to occur.
“Besides that, TI-M also asked for whistle-blowers to be protected so that more people will come forward to make reports,” he said.

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