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KEADILAN Youth urge for JPA loan to be reviewed

The Malaysian Keadilan Youth has urged the Federal Government not to blindly decide on the Public Service Department (JPA) Loan Grants.
The decision made was to grant full JPA Scholarships only to SPM-leavers who manage to score A+ in all subjects taken.
Clearly with this decision, a student who takes 10 subjects and scores 10A or 10A- would not be eligible for the scholarship yet a student who takes 9 subjects and gets 9A+ is eligible although the subjects taken are less.
Not only that, but students who take additional subjects like their mother tongue i.e. Tamil, Chinese and even Arabic will be affected in this issue.
The will dampen the hopes of students who scored well and those from less fortunate families who are counting on JPA scholarships based on previous criteria.
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Not enough with budget cuts in local universities, now we have this issue too. The government should avoid wasting money on unprofitable projects and focus on human capital development.
The Federal Government should emulate the Selangor State Government who offers the Skim Dermasiswa Pengajian Percuma Tahun Asas UNISEL, for all students who are eligible but did not get good results like those who entered matriculation.
This is one of the effort to popularise and democratise education in Selangor.
Therefore, Keadilan Youth (AMK) urges the Federal Government and JPA Scholarship Department to review their decision on this.
* Jestin Raj Savarimuthu is the Malaysian Keadilan Youth Exco and Selangor Keadilan Youth Head.

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