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United Nations urges Malaysia and North Korea to remain calm

SHAH ALAM, MAR 8:  The United Nations (UN) urges Malaysia and North Korea to remain calm after Pyongyang bans Malaysians in that country to leave, triggering reprisal actions from Malaysia.
A UN spokesperson, Farhan Haq was quoted by Reuters to have appealed that both parties remain calm and resolve any differences through diplomatic practice.
Meanwhile, UN will help to repatriate two of their staffs who are Malaysians, out of North Korea.
A UN source in New York told Bernama that both women in their thirties were contacted as soon as the travel ban on Malaysians was issued by Pyongyang, as reported by international media.
“Both are safe. There are not Malaysian Embassy’s officers or staffs.
“They are UN officials sent to North Korea to attend a course relating to the World Food Programme (WFP),” said the source.
He also said, UN will send a representative to ensure the repatriation process run smoothly and as quickly as possible.
Both women are among the 11 Malaysians who are in North Korea currently, together with 3 embassy staff including their six family members.

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