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'With permission' Bahasa Melayu should be included in the DNS

SHAH ALAM, MARCH 16: Member of the State Council (ADN) Selangor recommended greater use of Bahasa Melayu during speech in the Selangor State Assembly (DNS).
The matter was raised by the Selangor Wadah Chairman, Nik Ismail Nik Mohd Yusoff, while participating in a question and answer session on Intercultural Seminar: Knowledge, Religion-Ideology and Language, organized by the Institut Darul Ehsan (IDE) at the IDE Auditorium here yesterday.
“I think it is better if the Honourable Member that wants to use English expression in the hall not only said ‘with permission’ but must also state in Bahaa Melayu first and only then ask ‘with permission’ and followed by an expression in English to strengthen or make his argument, “he said.
Meanwhile, Hulu Kelang’s ADN, Saari Sungib when commenting on the same issue, calling it a good suggestion to strengthen the command of Bahasa Melayu lamong members DNS.
“This is a good proposal and I will practice it when the council meets in addition to trumpet the other partners so that they also take similar steps,” he told SelangorKini at the same seminar.
He said other than to uphold Bahasa Malaysia, the practice was also to increase the ADN skills to communicate in Bahasa Malaysia.

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