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99 Speedmart contribute RM500,000 to MPK, make benefits from plastic bags sales

KLANG, APRIL 26: Convenience stores 99 Speedmart were pleased to allocated RM500,000 to Klang Municipal Council (MPK) as a corporate social responsibility (CSR) 2017 to make benefits from the sales of plastic bags worth 20 sen previously.
Deputy President of MPK, Adi Faizal Ahmad Tirmizi said the amount was awarded from the sales of the 96 branches of 99 Speedmart convenience stores in the Klang district.
“We gave a proposal that the 20 cent purchase of plastic bag money is used for social purposes.
“Thank God 99 Speedmart interested in our proposal and submit a paper to them,” he said.
He was speaking at a press conference after chairing a Full MPK Meeting Bil.4 / 2017.
The decision instantly has made MPK as the first local authorities (PBT) to receive grant funding from the proceeds of the sale of plastic bags valued at 20 cents with the first 99 Speedmart additional branches were opened in Klang district.
According to him, the proposal was first raised at the beginning of February and it will be used for the three main elements of river cleaning, city beautification and community programmes.
However, the details of the work of development are still under discussion and will be decided later.
It is understood that after this the Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) will also be following in the footsteps made by MPK.
Adi Faizal said he did not set any law that requires employers of other convenience stores to use plastic bags sales for the use of CSR because everyone already has plans of its own social programmes.

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