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Border defense asset missing, citizens under threat?

The Auditor-General’s (AG) Report 2015 series one revealed that a national asset, for screening and identifying foreigners and Malaysians at our borders, to support Malaysian Immigration Department’s main operation, costing RM10.3 million, has gone missing.
Rakyat would surely be shocked with the loss of a biometric equipment costing RM10.3 miilion which should be used in the Malaysian Immigration System (myIMMs).
Eventhough, rakyat is now used to shocking news on public fund or asset mismanagement, in this half decade.
The UMNO BN Government has not yet given up on surprises, now an asset which should be used to defend our borders is missing and threatening our security.
Is this loss related to the increasing statistics of Illegal Immigrants (PATI)?
Citizens do not want the influx of foreign illegal workers, now reaching almost 2 million, to potentially threaten public safety, harmony and health.
Every year, the AG’s report would reveal losses of assets or public funds, even something as big as a military jet engine to safeguard the country can go missing and until now, no one has been held responsible, how about that?
The above proves the need for a comprehensive reform on the nation’s administration to upgrade its level or service and governance.
*Datuk Raja Bahrin Shah is Kuala Terengganu Member of Parliament

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