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Bus lanes should be provided

Initiatives that have been taken by the State Government to provide free bus service was turned out to be very helpful to the people in Selangor, but this good effort needs to be improved so that the bus service throughout Selangor improved.
This recommendation exists when viewing the current state of the bus service around the state’s high population in Selangor and also in urban areas that was disturbed due to traffic congestion. This congestion causes impaired quality of bus services which do not meet the timeliness of bus schedules.
The effect of this problem will cause the bus service to not be the best choice for the people of the state in facing the social and economic pressures that are increasingly choke.
To realise the Smart Selangor agenda, I believe efforts to improving in bus routes also need to be done so that bus as an alternative will be the best and economical choice in terms of money and time to the people in the state.
The closest example is at DUN Hulu Kelang area which has the capacity of high population density and limited routes connecting Hulu Kelang and towns in the surrounding areas, it shows that this DUN have been facing the problem of congestion for over a decade.
Therefore, I suggest that efforts to improve the quality of facilities and public transport services performed by providing special lanes for public transport in order to be the best choice for the people of Selangor.
* Saari Sungib is the ADUN Hulu Kelang

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