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Flood mitigation project to overcome flash floods around Bandar Country Home

RAWANG, APRIL 21: The State Government approved two flood mitigation projects to address the problem of flash floods occur in Bandar Country Home and the surrounding area.
Rawang assemblyman Gan Pei Nei, said the two projects are in Sungai Gong together with Sungai Bakau that are ongoing and expected to be fully completed in November.
However, there had been a slight delay that causes problems when heavy rains caused the river system and the existing ponds fail to reach its capacity.
gan pei nei
“That’s what causes the flash floods and caused inconvenience to residents as well as people using traffic in the area.
“However, I will personally monitor this project and we ask the relevant departments, especially the Department of Irrigation and Drainage to speed up the construction work of the project according to schedule,” she told SelangorKini, yesterday.
On April 18, there’s a flash floods happened  in the Rawang market along at the Rawang toll area  untill Bandar Country Home due to heavy rains, causing long traffic congestion in the area.
Pei Nei said that two Sungai Gong and Sungai Bakau is the main river that all this has not been upgraded but the flood mitigation system in Rawang constituency, is going through the process.
She said the rapid development in the area plus the rainy season causes the flash flood occurred.
“With heavy rain, the large quantity of water in Sungai Gong causes the rivers and drainage systems cannot cope and causing overflow to the side of the road from Rawang toll area to Bandar Country Home,” she said.
In addition, she said, Taman Tun Perak also among the area that flood frequently happened because of the water overflowed from Sungai Pajam.
She said, her side has asked JPS Gombak to review the river systems there by taking into account the development of the project Highway Assam Jawa-Templer Park (LATAR) that being conducted results of the visit to the area.
“We have to do a more thorough study whether the existing system needs to be upgraded or there are other proposals that can be use so that there are no longer flash floods happens,” she said.

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