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KPDNKK should not turn a blind eye to increasing burdens

The Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry (KPDNKK) has indeed reiterated many times that it only controls the prices of six essential items.
However, the prices of other essential goods are also now seen to be increasing sharply to a point where it is becoming ridiculous. Is KPDNKK just going to turn a blind eye?
Shouldn’t the Umno-BN government be held responsible, what with the various Acts such as the Anti-Profiteering Act to address price increase of goods.
KPDNKK should look into these issues faced by rakyat, especially concerning daily necessities and food. The Umno-BN government should ensure the prices of these items cannot be arbitrarily increased.
Are they only going to control prices during the festive season by enforcing the Price Control Act?
With the current trend, we do not need to wait for economists to predict the future of Malaysia’s economy. The citizens themselves can feel the pinch as a result of the 1MDB scandal.
Will citizens be given foolish statements such as ‘if sugar price goes up, don’t consume sugar to avoid getting diabetes’, ‘if cooking oil price goes up then avoid fried food’ and other similar statements. These are the excuses after excuses given by Umno-BN administration to justify its inefficiency.
In addition, ringgit continues to be devalued. Although Malaysians are spending but ringgit is no different to ‘Japanese money during war’ in those days.
2017 is a challenging year for Malaysians, forced to face weakening ringgit and increasingly high cost of food.
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#G Manivanan is Kapar Member of Parliament

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