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North Korea threatens war against US

SEOUL, APR 11: North Korea has criticised United States of America (US) for sending navy combat troops to Korean Peninsular today, and has threatened that it is preparing for war.
The AFP International News Agency reported the US Navy attacking unit chief, Carl Vinson has cancelled his visit to Australia this weekend to head off to the region to display its strength facing North Korea’s threat.
“This proves that US’s reckless action to conquesr North Korea has reached a serious level.
“North Korea is ready to counter-attack in any form of war launched by US,” said the country’s Foreign Ministry to KCNA news agency in Pyongyang’s forst reaction since the troops were sent.
President Donald Trump has just ordered a missile attack on Syria and that is widely seen as a warning to North Korea.
Yesterday, several US officers informed that Trump had sought for advise from his assistants on the options to overpower Pyongyang.
Recently, Trump threatened to take a unilateral action against Pyongyang if Beijing fails to control its neighbour’s nuclear weapon programme.

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