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Rohingya school: Selangor Government’s quick action commendable

The Muslim Regional Welfare Organisation (Serantau Muslim) would like to thank Dato’ Menteri Besar Selangor, Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali who was quick to action on the Knowledge Garden Learning Centre School (KGLCS) demolition issue that we raised yesterday.
Serantau Muslim appreciates the Selangor State Government’s positive and quick action to retract the KGLCS demolition notice issued by Petaling Land Administrator, after our media session yesterday.
Serantau Muslim also lauds Dato’ Menteri Besar Selangor who showed concern over the Rohingya children’s education matters through his statement that the State Government is identifying a new premise that is suitable to replace the current school.
The State Government’s action is in line with the intent and hope of Serantau Muslim as well as the administrator and students in the school who consist of Rohingya orphans and refugees.
Such reaction is appropriate and commendable as it provides immediate solution, consistent with a state government’s status and role.
We are of the view that this polemic could have been avoided if the authority had acted professionally. They should not demolish the school as long as a new building has not been identified and prepared.
The Land Administrator had also not issued any notice on alternative actions that will be taken by the government, in fact they just took action on the school. This had caused the administrators, teachers and students to be very worried about the fate of the school.
Serantau Muslim would also like to take this opportunity to stress here that although there was a statement made by Dato’ Menteri Besar in response to this matter, we still need an official respond in writing from the State Government to prevent any manipulation and polemic in the future.
In our opinion, as long as there is no written notice from the authority, the fate of the school’s administrators, teachers and students will remain uncertain, causing them to worry on the school’s status.
From the beginning, our purpose for raising this issue is merely to ensure the Rohingya children’s education and welfare are taken care of and efforts to help this group can be carried on.
From the start of our establishment, Serantau Muslim has put our focus and effort to protect the Rohingya’s welfare, whether in this country or those who are still in Myanmar.
Therefore, again we would like to thank the State Government for their concern on this issue. Hopefully this kind of incident will not recur and will be better managed.
We hope that our effort to protect and care for the Rohingya children will give them the chance to protect their own ethnic in the future.
“Brotherhood Across Borders”
* DR RAJA AHMAD ISKANDAR RAJA YAACOB is Serantau Muslim Chairman

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