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Federal Government to seriously address KADS1M delay

The delay in university students getting the 1 Malaysia Student Discount Debit Card (KADS1M) has caused many reactions from students across the country.
Everyone is aware that KADS1M is to replace the book voucher, and must be applied online through Bank Rakyat.
Government should be sincere in helping students and not burden them.
They can’t be expected to wait until the end of semester to buy books and to benefit from the scheme.
The card is very beneficial to students but the process to acquire it is too difficult. Why is that so?
Shouldn’t the KADS1M be created to help reduce the cost of living for students in the Higher Educational Institution (IPT).
With 919,628 eligible students who have applied and opened accounts in bank Rakyat, there should have been a system to review their application statuses.
There are too many complaints, among which students have filled-up the application two or three times but they are still getting the same email response.
There are also many old applications which are not updated in the system. And once ready, students would have to return to the bank to get the card.
I urge the government to take this matter seriously so that the aid will directly benefit the students.
Enough with the education budget cuts, do not now burden the students with such issues.
*Sandrea Ng is Perak KEADILAN Youth Deputy Chief
The Peoples’ Justice Party

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